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Free online test shows how to halve Alzheimer's risk

Free online test shows how to halve Alzheimer's risk

Red wine ingredient Resveratrol stops breast cancer growth

New research in this month's issue of the FASEB Journal shows that resveratrol, the 'healthy' ingredient in red wine, stops breast cancer cells from growing by blocking the growth effects of oestrogen. The researchers found an important reduction in cance

Super Broccoli

You may think popping a supplement is an easy way to get the health benefits of vegetables without actually eating them. But a study published this month, in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, found that a key cancer-fighting chemical in broc

Three in ten women suffer from post natal depression

A new survey from the charity 4Children has found that three in ten new mothers may experience postnatal depression (PND

British Osteopathic Association news

'British Osteopathic Association Response to Today's Report highlighting that ill health costs the British economy around 103bn, March 2010

Physical activity reduces joint pain

A prospective study that followed 150 patients receiving exercise therapy for symptoms of osteoparthritis of the hip and/or knee for 5 years has shown that better adherence to the home exercise programme, both during and after the therapy period, and gene

The hazards of sitting!!

An article in the Arthritis Research Uk Synovium, notes the hazards that are caused by prolonged sitting. It sites an article from the British Journel of Sports Medicine, where it proposes a new hazardous activity - sitting!

Osteopathy - supporting you through motherhood

Is back pain to be expected during pregnancy?

The benefits of strength training in older adults

A study on the benfits of strength training in older adults.

Work Sation set up guide

Back pain is not only common in people doing manual work, many office workers also experience back pain. However, with the right measures, most back pain can also be controlled in an office environment.

Setting up your workstation

Article to follow....

Painful shoulder conditions

Osteopaths, whilst most notably associated with treating back pain, do in fact treat joints muscles and ligaments in the whole body including the shoulder joint which is prone to many different injuries.

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